Conference: Expanding Sustainable Bio energy Opportunities in the Caribbean Region

August 6-7; Georgetown, Guyana

Meeting report here (PDF, 1.2 MB)


The Caribbean region faces huge challenges arising from modern globalisation, declining competitiveness, trade liberalisation and eroding preferences, the rising cost of imported fuel, the revolution in information technology, and very high vulnerability to natural disasters. Meeting energy demand in 2004 required the importation of more than 163 million barrels of petroleum fuels raising concerns that continued high global prices will adversely affect efforts at economic expansion. Fossil fuels represent the largest expenditure on imports by the region.

Bio fuels can help provide long-term energy security through the use of locally produced feedstock at relatively constant prices that in many cases is already cheaper than the fossil fuels they would substitute for. Moreover, because bio fuels are locally produced by indigenous agro-industries, most of the money spent is retained within the national economy instead of going to foreign multi-nationals.

Goal and objectives

The goal is to contribute to sustainable development in the Caribbean region and the objective is to foster collective action and explore further the potential for the development of a sustainable bio energy industry in the Caribbean region.

Expected results

  • Agreement reached on way forward and on a strategy for development of a sustainable bio energy industry in the Caribbean
  • Project profiles for attracting funding for development of the industry identified
  • Elements of a MOU for sale/use of carbon credits from the Caribbean region identified


Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (
CTA), Inter-American Development Bank (IADB); Organisation of American States (OAS); Caribbean Community (CARICOM)

27 July 2007
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