Stay tuned for Web2forDev online!

Can't make it to the Web2forDev Conference in Rome? Want to know what is happening at the Conference? Catch the debates online at!

A media team of journalists from both Southern and Northern countries will provide daily reports on all presentations and interesting discussions during the Conference. Various Web 2.0 techniques like blogging, vlogging, podcasts and streaming video will be used to engage people online. In order to ’un-conference the conference’ participants will also be asked to report on their ideas and experiences by blogging on the Conference website. To cover the presentations from all speakers during the plenary sessions, the media team will use the assistance of the University of Wageningen (WUR). They have developed a special technique called Presentations2Go, an innovative solution to simply capture presentations and lectures on video by linking the video image of the presenter with the presentation and storing it for later (re)use, in this case for presentation online. Every night we’ll do our best to upload the videos.

Panos Institute West Africa (PIWA) is sponsoring two journalists to cover the event as part of their ongoing work to support West African journalists to boost their capacities in ICTs .

17 September 2007
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