Expression of Interest to Tender

CTA Intranet and Website Requirements

1 Background
CTA is managing and developing a range of content rich environments to better serve the ever-changing information needs of all stakeholders in ACP agricultural and rural development. These environments – print, CDs, radio, TV, websites with RSS feeds, online communication and collaboration platforms like blogs and wikis, - contain information on projects, outputs, organizations, experts and news and events, radio packages, Q&A, etc.

2 Problem Statement
CTA’s internal information systems and databases are not fully integrated and therefore affect the Centre’s capacity to better analyse its programmes and project outcomes. Excepting some project and financial data, much of CTA's information is currently not residing in structured and relational databases. On the other hand, CTA’s corporate web site and thematic portals are managed separately as different projects using different content management systems. Moreover, the corporate web site is a “mashup” of static pages and blogs, featuring only limited content from the thematic portals using RSS. While simple searching across the domain name is possible using a Google search, the full range of CTA products, services and outputs can not be queried in a user-friendly search.

3 Beneficiaries
CTA; ACP partners; Worldwide

4 Overall Objective
To better serve the ever-changing information and communication needs of all stakeholders in ACP agricultural and rural development

5 Project Purpose
Development and implementation of an integrated CTA information management and knowledge sharing environment

6 Expected Results
1. CTA quality (internal) information residing in structured relational data repository

2. Content management system (CMS) developed for corporate web site with greater integration with thematic portals

3. Web based dissemination of information products and outputs optimised

4. Online collaboration and interaction facilitated

5. Optimised needs assessments for information management and analysis

7 Activities
1. Analyse and organise CTA internal datasets

2. Deploy an integrated CMS and user management for CTA corporate web site

3. Implement a federated search engine for full range of CTA web sites and portals

4. Implement a collaborative and interactive environment that integrates seamlessly with the CMS

5. Integrate questionnaire, data management and reporting facilities

8 The Lots
To achieve the above requirements two lots are available for tender:

Lot 1: the provision of an intranet for CTA to fulfil internal Information and communication requirements [expression of interest form here ]

Lot 2: the enhancement of CTA’s corporate web presence for promoting and disseminating information from the thematic portals and other sites and the sharing and exchange of information [expression of interest form here ]

If you are interested, please fill out and return the appropriate form before January 21, 2008 to:

M. J.C. Burguet
Head, Admin. Services, Budget and Human Resources Development,
Po Box 380
6700 AJ Wageningen,
The Netherlands.

Fax: +31 317 467 178

21 December 2007
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