Editorial Consultation Meeting

Second Version of the Smart Toolkit
Bonn, Germany, 29 - 31 October 2007

Over the past nine years CTA, in collaboration with key development agencies, has been actively involved in developing and promoting the use of methodologies for monitoring and evaluating information products and services in an effort to improve project management both in-house and among its partners. In 2005, CTA along with KIT, IICD and a host of other institutions and individuals from African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries, EU, Canada, Sri Lanka and the United States produced the first version of the Smart Toolkit for Evaluating Information Products and Services.

The Toolkit is an innovative product and since its publication, has proved to be most popular among our ACP clientele. It focuses on the evaluation of information products and services and how to improve project management practices and develop a culture of evaluation. It also provides practical and cost-effective methods for planning, monitoring and evaluating information developed, promoted and disseminated.

Currently, the toolkit is being revised taking into account feedback from participants at the workshop to officially launch the Toolkit in Tanzania in 2005 and subsequent users.

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03 October 2007
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