Production of CTA’s online Annual Report

Background Information

The Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA) operates within the framework of the ACP-EC Cotonou Agreement and is funded by the European Development Fund (EDF). CTA’s mandate is to develop and provide services that improve access to information for agricultural and rural development, and to strengthen the capacity of ACP countries to produce, acquire, exchange and utilize information in this area.

CTA’s 2007-2010 Strategic Plan stressed the need to expand CTA’s outreach and to make information more easily understandable by producing more succinct messages. In this regard, in 2008, CTA produced a totally online Annual Report, which was preceded by an Annual Report Highlights produced in print and electronic formats which emphasized the more pertinent events and happenings of the year. The online report replaces the longer print report and comprises approximately five thematic sections, a foreword by the director, the Product and Services tables and a section on Administration.

The aim of this call is to establish a shortlist of firms that will be invited to send an offer (in either English or French) for the production of CTA’s the online Annual Report (Lot B).

Consortiums as well as sub-contracting agreements are allowed.

The services to be provided are for four years starting September 2009, through an annual renewable contract if the Contractants have fulfilled all their contractual obligations.

Summary of the Services to be Provided

The services to be rendered annually for Lot B (online Annual Report) are as follows:

The Contractor will produce CTA's online Annual Report in French and English, according to an agreed Production Schedule and format. The Contractor will be responsible for the entire production, including editing, graphic design, layout, proofreading, corrections, web design and upload and production of the CDRom and packaging. Specific tasks will include:

i. Finalizing the production schedule in collaboration with CTA;
ii. Editing the entire Annual Report (AR) as well as writing selected segments
as necessary; compiling the preliminary and endmatter
(acronyms/abbreviations)list and the subject index); sourcing
photographs and graphic material; translating into the other language,
designing and laying out both language versions; checking for consistency
throughout the report;
iii. Proofreading all language versions of all products;
iv. Creating a fully interactive website for the report;
v. Uploading and converting all content as necessary;
vi. Creating a master CD for duplication;
vii. Duplicating and appropriately packaging the CDs;
viii. Ensuring quality control at all stages of the production of the CDs and the
website through to delivery;
ix. Liaising with designated CTA staff in the production of the report.

Pre-selection Criteria

 Eligibility
• Only legal persons from ACP states and EU member states can participate.
• Legal persons are not entitled to participate if they fall into one of the
cases of exclusion described in the Practical Guide to Contract Procedures
for EC External Actions.

 Financial / economic capacity: Overall turnover as well as turnover
concerning services for the last three financial years.

 Technical / professional capacity:
• Qualification and experience of the firm;
• Ability to provide a team with the appropriate range of expertise.

Interested firms must provide:

• A statement certifying their eligibility with regard to the rule on
• A statement certifying their eligibility with regard to the rule on
• A statement of overall turnover as well as turnover concerning services for
the last three financial years;
• A short description of the firm and its area of expertise, together with a
list of its most relevant references (maximum 2 pages);
• A short description of the team responsible for performing all the required
services (maximum 2 pages);
• A short description of other resources, means or tools available for
performing all the required services (maximum 1 page);
• Consortium and/or sub-contracting agreements (if any).

Please note that:

• Rule on nationality applies to all members of a consortium and
• Rule on exclusion applies to all members of a consortium;
• Only short-listed firm will be contacted;
• Short-listed firms (including consortium members, if any) will be asked to
enclose with their offer:
o A document dated less than 90 days certifying they are registered in one of
the ACP or EU Member States;
o A declaration of honor dated less than 90 days certifying they do not fall
in a case of exclusion;
o A certificate from their bank regarding their financial situation.

To respond to this call for expressions of interest, please send the requested documents, in English or French, by courier or e-mail by 31 July 2009 to:

Ms Karen Hackshaw, Programme Coordinator, CTA, Postbus 380, 6700 AJ Wageningen, The Netherlands (E-mail:

Please indicate on the envelope or header “Call for Expression of Interest – CTA online Annual Report, (Lot B)”.
01 July 2009
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